High Quality Cannabinoids

We provide wholesale cannabinoid derivative ingredients to the US, UK and European Union consumer product manufacturers and distributors.


High Quality Hemp Extraction and Refining

SonEX Labs is a State of art Hemp Extraction and refining laboratory located in Fort Collins Colorado. SonEX utilizes unique and scientific approach to extracting hemp, working with farmers and consumer manufactures to provide the most desirable Oleoresin on the market. Processing over 1000 lbs of hemp per shift , with a beautiful CBDa Oleoresin. Our rapid distillation technology distills 10-20 kg per hour. SonEX can be your one-stop shop for hemp processing  

Our Services


SonEX uses an innovative Propyl Hydride extraction that provides a clean, quality and consumer ready product right out of the machine. Our Oleoresin tops the charts in quality and unless requested other wise, CBDa and terpene rich. 


We use large scale centrifugal molecular distillation which enables us to process a 100 kg - 200 kg of Crude Oil or SonEX Oleoresin input material per day. Producing a ultra-refined distillate.


SonEX Labs has secured an exclusive opportunity through a strategic partnership for Solvent-Free, THC Remediation services which are expected to be available soon! - Coming Early Spring, 2020