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Hemp Biomass Processing

As a hemp farmer, it is critical to properly process your hemp biomass in preparation for CBD cannabinoid extraction to maximize the yield and quality of your end product. Starting with the end in mind - the success of the end result of a high-quality CBD cannabinoid crude oil that’s in demand and sellable - we start with the material to be processed. The particle size of your hemp material is a significant factor because it has to do with the extraction process for two primary reasons. First, if your material is milled too small then material will be too densely packed for proper extraction process and the yield of your CBD crude oil will decrease. Second, if your hemp material is processed too large, the efficiency of the extraction process will slow down and your price to extract will increase. The precisely required density of processed hemp biomass will determine the success of your end result of a highly-saleable CBD cannabinoid crude oil.


Starting with a clean, high quality hemp biomass that’s been harvested correctly is the best possible path to a high quality, high potency crude oil cannabinoid oleoresin. Our hemp processing equipment takes the hemp material through a series of multiple slides that allow the product to tumble and filter the hemp material by size. At each pass, ambient air is drawn through the biomass, lifting the light weight particles into a selection chamber where they are either separated out or returned with the heavies. The lighter weight hemp particles are removed from the product stream. The hemp then tumbles down into the next selection chamber where all remaining particles are again reintroduced to the selection process as this process is repeated several times to precisely remove all of the light weight particles without any of the heavy waxy particles. Having a clean, high potency biomass is the best first step in the extraction of CBD oils from a biomass and greatly reduces the amount of waxes that end up in your CBD oil. 


At harvest time is when hemp biomass processing facilities get booked up, and can be booked for a few months out, so hemp farmers do not want to wait to get on the schedule for hemp processing. We process hemp biomass that is either field, barn or mechanically dried, but we do not process wet or wet baled hemp. We can process from any state as long as you can transport it to our Fort Collins, Colorado processing facility.


Experienced hemp farmers that need the most value out of their hemp crop use Sonex Labs for their hemp biomass processing and cannabinoid extraction. When the processing and extraction is done by the same company, the quality control of the input and output is superior to a process where the material is not processed by the same operating procedures as the extraction of that exact material. Without question, preprocessing with Sonex Labs is the best first step that can be taken when a high quality and a highly saleable end product is the goal.

Processing & Tolling Services

*Discount for higher volumes


  • 10,000 lbs total dry weight minimum.

  • Biomass must test at 10% minimum CBD content.

  • COA (Certificate of Analysis) is required to get a quote and Sonex will also test and evaluate biomass before service agreement is finalized.

  • Maximum moisture content of biomass needs to be less than or equal to 7%

  • Biomass must be shucked (branches separated from the trunk).

  • Qualifying factors and pricing considerations include, but not limited to: potency, moisture content, particle size, harvesting method, et cetera.

  • We can help sell your distillate or isolate.

  • Financing Available.

10,000 lbs minimum dry weight hemp - Processing and Extraction:

Note: 15% discount on 10 X minimum order quantity

Note: Prices include pre-processing

  • $6 per input lb to Winterized Decarbed CBD Crude

  • $9 per input lb to Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

  • $11 per input lb to CBD Isolate

100 kgs minimum of Crude per input pricing - rendering Crude to Distillate or Isolate:

Note: 15% discount on 10 X minimum order quantity

  • $125 per kg to Full Spectrum Distillate

  • $225 per kg to Isolate

  • $475 per kg to T-Free Distillate

Sonex Labs is a full-service hemp processing and extraction company in Fort Collins, CO.

We extract from industrial hemp biomass and process into winterized, decarbed crude, full-spectrum distillate, isolate, and THC-free distillate. We also intake crude and full-spectrum distillate to further process into other valuable hemp-derived materials.

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