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SonEX utilizes Centrifugal Molecular Distillation, this method is quite unique and allows for accurate and efficient cannabinoid separation. The feed-stock enters the system with out potential air contamination. Using a liquid transfer pump, the feed-stock is pumped through heated lines to a rotating stainless steel conical cup, whipping the stock through the radiating heat to a thin film. This essentially works as a Falling Film Evaporation (FFE), degassing the material as well as pulling terpenes and first fraction. This allows for efficient and potent distillates. After running through the Centrifugal Falling Film Evaporator, using a liquid transfer pump, the feeds-stock pumps to the rotor assembly. The rotor assembly is a combination of the condenser and a 15 inch rotating heated disc. Once the feed is pumped to the rotor assembly, it flows through an precision needle that drops the feed onto the heated disc and immediately evaporates, simultaneously the desired compounds condense and flows to the next liquid transfer pump. The distillate output pump takes the condensate and transfers to a sealed tank. Allowing for proper tank to tank transfers, easily efficiently and following good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Refine your Oleoresin or Ethanol Crude efficiently!

Proper due diligence and a scientific is the SonEX difference.  Priding ourselves in accuracy and efficiency. Paired with centrifugal technology and some thermal dynamics, SonEX has the ability to Refine even the toughest crude oils and can efficiently pull out our Oleoresin's valuable terpenes.  

  • 100 kg - 200 kg Per Day Input

  • Rapid, product turn around 

  • Affordable cost

  • Full analytics and  product tracking