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The executive team at SonEX Labs has put a tremendous amount of time and planning into developing a State of the Art full-service Hemp Extraction and Refining Laboratory that will set ourselves apart from the competition.  We focus on producing the highest quality products in the industry and providing first class customer service.  According to the feedback we have received from our clients it’s clear that we have accomplished our goal.  We never cut corners and always do things the right way.


Before processing begins, we have a very strict quality control operating procedure to make sure we only extract the highest quality Hemp Biomass grown right here in America with our strategic partner farms.  We are very selective when it comes to the genetics of the seed planted, the soil it’s planted in, the history of the farm and farmer, the surrounding farms and what they are growing ensuring no pesticides could possibly get transferred.  We provide our customers with the COA from the seed, biomass along with every test performed all the way to the finished product. 

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After months of research and testing we found Hydro-Carbon extraction using Propane to be far superior to your typical Ethanol and CO2 extraction methods.  Our high-capacity Hydro-Carbon extraction equipment allows us to extract far more of the desirables (CBD, minors and terpenes) than other methods.  The oil produced right out of our equipment is cleaner than most refined distillate you find in the market today.  Depending on the cannabinoid potency profile of the input material our Crude yields between 75% - 85% + with any waxes, lipids, etc.  already removed.  Many of our clients prefer to purchase our oil directly from extraction because of how clean it is and due to it having all of the desired properties making it a “Whole Plant Hemp Extract”.